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Are your eyes tired?  Blurry eyes? Do you have a family history of eye problems? Are you sick of getting expensive prescription glasses? Do you know anybody with a detached retina, macular degeneration, glaucoma....?
One of the most effective and practical inexpensive way of healing the eyes is practicing Chi Gong for the eyes - Wu's Eye Qi Gong®. It is the only Eye Chi Gong in the world that has gone through 4,000 research clinical studies for 3 years in China.
Master Teresa will teach you the important knowledge that will benefit you immediately by joining the Eye webinar. It will be about Wu's Eye Qi Gong which is a breathing exercise with eye movements.
She will cover the inside story of how the Wu's Eye Qi Gong was created by her teacher, Grandmaster Wu.  
How was the 4,000 research studies of the Eye Qi Gong was conducted? She will show you Chi Gong to practice immediately and much more.
In this webinar, you will experience relaxation and healing under her guidance of moving the energy. You will be learning free invaluable tools to improve your vision, memory, focus and more.